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This is an ultra fine sparkle cosmetic glitter.

Safe to use on your eyes, lips, nails and body. 

Cruelty free

Please Note: We fill our glitters to the top however we find that sometimes the more glittery ones, as they are less dense than the shimmers, once settled in the pot they can appear less than full. 

For best results, apply loose glitters with a flat eye shadow brush. Always use an adhesive for a long lasting look. 

*To Remove, use a makeup remover/makeup wipe. The wipe/remover will help to dissolve the glitter from the eyes/lips.ALWAYS keep eyes closed to ensure no products get into your eye and rinse face afterwards to ensure all glitter is off.

WARNING:USE WITH CAUTION! GLAAM’O BEAUTY  is NOT and will NOT be taken responsible for any damage done to the eyes. You should ALWAYS apply glitter to the eyes with caution. If by accident, glitter gets into your eyes, flush with warm water immediately. Always test glitter to your skin before applying to check for skin reactions.

Net weight - 5g